Flashmobs...for a cause.

I've made a few flashmobs to raise social awareness of a particular issue over the years, and this one, for TXT4LIFE in Duluth, Minnesota, is one of my favorites. I worked closely with Meghann Levitt (full disclosure: she's married to my cousin), the program's grant coordinator, to develop a flashmob that could be taught virtually, since, at the time, I lived in Washington, DC. I made a series of short instructional videos so that participants could learn the dance, and it all came together in Canal Park in Duluth in September 2013. Here is the final result: 


Since it's premiere, Meghann has used this flashmob at other sites, and plans to continue to use it to raise awareness of suicide prevention in Minnesota. You can learn more about the TXT4LIFE program here

Ready to dance?

If you are interested in creating a flashmob for your community group, government agency, or program, I can work in-person or from a distance to create a vibrant, unique dance that will raise awareness for your cause, and engage and delight bystanders. Email me to see sample instructional videos and discuss your flashmob.