Wedding dances

The entrance of the wedding party, first dance, the Father-Daughter dance--if you want an extraordinary dance (or dances!) I can create dances that capture the character and heart of your event. I've choreographed first dances, Father-Daughter dances, as well as a very surprising wedding flashmob. 

Joey and Lauryn's wedding flashmob

My brother-from-another-mother, Joey DeNenno, got married to his wonderful wife, Lauryn, last May in Saratoga Springs, NY. Joey and Lauryn are both fun-loving, generous people, and they wanted their first dance to include their friends and family. From the start, they knew which song they wanted to dance to: "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall & Oates. (I can't think of a better song to kick off a wedding reception!) 

Because their friends and family were coming from so many different places to attend the wedding, I created an instructional video to teach them the choreography, and then we met for one rehearsal the day before the wedding. I could not have been happier with the end result, which really reflected the warmth and excitement of Joey and Lauryn's wedding: 

About their experience, Joey and Lauryn write: 

Sarah was unbelievably easy to work with and her choreography was perfect! We gave her a very vague idea of what we wanted and she was able to bring our dreams to life by creating a fun dance for us, our family, and our friends. She made an extremely easy to follow instructional video so that our friends and family far away would be able to learn the choreography at home. Our flash mob wedding dance came together perfectly and we highly recommend Sarah for all your dancing needs!

Rochelle and Tom's father-daughter dance

I've known Tom Jenkinson since I was a small child, and I was thrilled when he and his daughter, Rochelle, contacted me about choreographing their dance at Rochelle's wedding. Both Tom and Rochelle have such sweet, easy-going demeanors and laid-back humor, and we tried to capture that in their dance. 

About the experience, Tom said: 

After my daughter and I selected the music that we wanted for the Father-Daughter dance, Sarah developed our dance routine.  It was the best.  Ms. Levitt made it work for us by breaking the musical selection into sections.  By doing so, it made learning the dance so much easier.  Sarah even added imaginative steps to give the dance variety and crowd appeal. Ms. Levitt was positive, energetic and every encouraging.  I highly recommend Sarah Levitt to be your dance instructor as well.

Ready to dance? 

Please contact me to learn more about possibilities for your wedding dance for a couple, or a group of any size. I am happy to work in-person or at a distance and can provide sample instructional videos upon request.