WIth me pic 2.jpeg

With Me (2018)

Choreographed by Chloe Napoletano and Sarah Ramey in collaboration with the performers

Rehearsal Assistant: Beverly Schillings

Performed by: Maureen Hollander Clark, Laurie Crawford, Holly Longfellow, Patricia Larson, Baylie MacRae, Charles Miles, Claire Moore, Chloe Napoletano, Sharon Oliver, Kathy Steinman, Ken Vail

Music by: "Someone Singing With Me" by Joe Purdy. Performed by Steven and Sarah Ramey. 

This performance was dedicated to the memory of our friend and classmate Marilyn Chambers. 

About the work: With Me was developed with an intergenerational cast of performers, some who are seasoned dancers, and some of whom had never appeared on stage before. The work explores collective mourning and celebration, and what it is like to navigate the highs and lows of life in community. Using a gestural movement vocabulary developed from the dancers’ stories and live music, With Me offers an intergenerational, multidisciplinary picture of joy and loss.