Full Will (2016)

Choreographed by Sarah Levitt in collaboration with the dancers. Presented at Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH on January 28-30, 2016.  (Video coming soon).

Presented in partial fulfillment of the MFA degree in the Department of Dance at OSU.

Choreographed in collaboration with the dancers by Sarah Levitt

Cast: Tim Bendernagel, Serena Chang, Emily Gaffga, Cole Henry Jones, Maddie Mazzola, Chloe Napoletano, Asha Whitfield, Erin Yen

Understudies: Dani Kfoury (rehearsal assistant), Molly Stack

Set design: Leah Frankel

Sound design: Stowe Nelson

Costumes: Sarah Levitt

Program note: Eight people have assembled today to attempt to do what no human being has done before

Funding: OSU Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and Scholarship

Molly and Nancy on a dime

Performed on February 26-27 in Ten Tiny Dances at the Short North Stage, Columbus, OH.

Choreography by Sarah Levitt in collaboration with performers Nancy Morcos and Molly Stack.

Virginia (2015)

Choreography by Sarah Levitt. Sound design by Stowe Nelson. Performed in OSU's Winter Concert, January 2015. 

RASH (2014)

Choreographed by Sarah Levitt in collaboration with the performers
Performed by Quilan Arnold, Rachel Freeburg, Joda Lee, Savannah Weatherington, Asha Whitfield. Understudy: Mary Chase Pierson.  Performed on October 27, 2014 in the 2nd Year Show in the Barnett Theatre, Sullivant Hall, The Ohio State University. 

She says come follow me (2014)

Choreography by Sarah Levitt in collaboration with performer Abby Carlozzo. Presented at The Ohio State University Department of Dance's Grad Show on March 31, 2014 in the Barnett Theatre in Sullivant Hall. 

Happiness (2014)

Choreography and text by Sarah Levitt in collaboration with performer Daniel Diller. Some text sourced from the 1935 film, Happiness.

Using movement and text, "Happiness" is a solo study on the nature of prayer, repetition, habit, and what we ask for day after day. What do we lose by going through the motions? Premiere: April 2014 in the OSU Department of Dance "Sneak Peek" concert in the Barnett Theater. 

Procedures for Ground Loss Safety (2012)

Choreography, design and performance by Sarah Levitt. Sound design with assistance from Stowe Nelson.

Not far in the future, the ground underneath of us begins to give out: bridges, tunnels, highways collapse on unstable ground, and every step forward is a life-or-death risk. Working from this speculative premise, this five-hour performance installation investigates the violent effect on the body when our beliefs fail us. What do we do when religion, scientific principles, cultural values and democracy itself prove to be unreliable? Taking inspiration from cheery Cold War safety films of the 1950’s, Sarah instructs passersby on the appropriate steps to prepare themselves for “sudden ground loss.”

Premiere: August 2012 at the Corcoran Gallery of Art's Performance Bridge in Washington, DC. 

Hammock (2011) 

Choreographed and performed by Sarah Levitt and Benjamin Wegman. Sound design by Matt Hubbs.  

Exploring the relationship between rest and restlessness, Hammock looks at how we can possibly take a break when the American dream seems so tied to achievement and relentless ambition. Commissioned through the Kennedy Center's Local Dance Commissioning Project and produced by Dance Exchange.

Premiere: September 2011 at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage in Washington, DC. 

Churchgoers (2009) 

Choreographed and performed in collaboration with Sarah Anne Austin. Text by Sarah Anne Austin, Sarah Levitt, and John Lanou. Lighting design by Ben Levine.

A conversation in movement and text about faith, belief, and superstition between two people who don't usually talk about faith, belief, and superstition.

Premiere: July 2009 at Dance Place in Washington, DC.